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Choose your pricing plan

  • Quick Hand Wash

    Starting price
    • Exterior: Pre rinse, wash and wax shampoo, tire shine
    • Exterior: Dry with microfiber towel, clean front wheel
    • Interior: Vacuum, wipe down, wipe down doors and dash
    • Interior: Clean windows inside
  • Bronze

    Starting price
    • Quick Hand Included
    • Bugs removal, clean back wheels, vacuum, trunk vacuum
    • Dress all plastic trim and dash
  • Silver

    Starting price
    • Bronze included
    • Liquid wax, shampoo for fabric seats
    • Conditioners for leather seats
    • Brush for seat and carpet
  • Gold

    Starting price
    • Silver included
    • Clay bar
    • Basic polish to remove moderate swirls and scratches
  • Platinum

    Starting price
    • Gold included
    • Additional compounding steps to remove major swirls/scratch
    • Sealant and gloss enhancer, deep wet shine
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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