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sukanto Kuri
Jul 02, 2022
In Welcome to the Cars Forum
Visual environment increases people's sense of experience In the era of rapid development of technology and media, the original intention of all designs is to serve people, so increasing the interactivity of the design itself is also one of the conditions for an excellent design. Using space as a medium in the design process, integrating graphic design elements into the space, and increasing people's visual and physical experience is also an effective way to make people familiar with the new environment faster. In environmental design, every element that appears should have its functional value, including color and graphics. Graphics can play an indicative role in space, and colors can change people's psychological perception of the environment. Figure 2 shows the library of the University of Münster, which directly attaches the guide information to the wall or the ground itself. The information is arranged on the ground of the main Image Manipulation Service passage in the library, the wall at the corner and around the door frame. Large text messages and wayfinding symbols are easily recognizable even from a distance or on the move. The use of large surface colors makes the library reveal a different modern artistic atmosphere. Being in such a library, like being on a huge map, is also a very interesting thing to follow the guide information on the ground to find the books you need. 3. How graphic design elements are used in space Using space as a medium, applying graphic design elements to space is a very interesting process. Designers need to recombine the three design elements of text, graphics and color, and change the atmosphere of the space through the guidance of text, the exaggeration of graphics, and the change of color to bring people a visual and psychological experience. The right visual decoration can not only make up for the deficiencies in the architectural space structure, but also promote the development of urban artistic atmosphere and improve people's artistic aesthetic ability. The painted pottery of Majiayao culture is about six or seven thousand years ago. It has distinctive artistic features, rich and varied shapes and gorgeous patterns. It is a representative product of human prehistoric civilization with a high degree of combination of practicality and aesthetics.

sukanto Kuri

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